Our distinctive aspect is space. Every unit has a spacious entrance, kitchen, living room and bedrooms. Common areas – hallways, rooftop terrace, private backyard, and indoor parking – are well designed for comfort. Thanks to contemporary features and 24/7 security, you will feel confident bringing your family and guests into this environment.


Imagine a green backyard of 420m2 which is accessible only by foot, where cars cannot disturb the residents walking on paths, chatting on benches, or playing on the children’s playground.


Each unit has a spacious kitchen with a window. Each kitchen is equipped with a dedicated exhaust system not shared with any other unit. Kitchen designs can be customized if desired – just contact our sales office for assistance.


Our rooftop terrace offers unmatched views of Tbilisi. Come enjoy beverages and BBQ grill while sitting with friends and family in comfort, overlooking the city and the mountains.


If you would like to enjoy a fireplace in your apartment, select one of the 10 residential units with pre-installed exhaust pipes.


Two levels of the building are dedicated to parking, complete with air ventilation systems and detectors for smoke and carbon monoxide. Both parking levels have access to the residential elevator/lift. In front of the building, there are several open parking spaces near the street.


To create a safe and peaceful environment for residents, our security office provides continuous monitoring of the entire perimeter, as well as the main entrance, parking, and backyard. Security video recordings are archived for one month. In the main entrance, a domophone system ensures direct and private communication between arriving visitors and their hosts. Residents and visitors can contact building security 24/7 as needed. We aim to assure our residents’ safety without eroding their privacy!


Fully finished, standardized and well-maintained exteriors, hallways and balconies

24-Hour monitoring and assistance from guards in the security office

Iron double door as main entrance for the building

Iron double doors as main entrance for each residential unit

Elevator-1 (for residents) serving all six residential floors and both underground parking levels

Elevator-2 (for cars) serving the two parking levels

To ensure uninterrupted service and high quality maintenance, fees for these accommodations are included in a maintenance contract between each owner and the building management company.

Installed fire hydrant and extinguisher system

Installed life hazard detection devices – smoke, ionization, and carbon monoxide detectors – in all hallways, both elevator shafts, and both parking levels. Independent ventilation system for parking areas.

Backup/emergency lighting for hallways

Interior walls built according to architectural drawings approved by city permitting agency

Custom interior wall designs can be built by Devco under special contract, once the owner brings plans approved by regulatory authorities, an architect, a structural engineer and the construction company.

Metal-plastic/vinyl windows which are standard throughout the building – None

Iron double door for main unit entrance – Interior doors

Fireplace chimney pipes (in 10 units) – Fireplace materials and installation

Perfectly leveled concrete floors – Flooring materials and installation

Plumbing system connections – Plumbing fixtures and installation

Main incoming water line and water meter – Plumbing/piping inside each unit

Main incoming electric line and meter – Electrical wiring inside each unit

Main incoming natural gas line and meter – Gas piping for kitchen and heating

Our company offers units in two primary conditions: so called “white frame” with above noted aspects and fully finished units.